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Common Core Sheets

Site News And Updates

March 6, 2023 - Site Update (take 2) If you hate change you can still access the old site here: v5.commoncoresheets.com.

Hey all,
So let's try this again. :)
You may have noticed I've done a rather significant site update. I figured maybe I should explain why:
1. To make things easier for new users. I've heard the phrase 'too complicated' a lot. So I've tried to make things a lot more user friendly for both new users and hopefully old users alike.
2. To update a bunch of the code to make things easier for future updates.
3. To make things easier to find.

To expand on some of the updates:

Spelling Sheet Options
Next to the 'words' you'll see a hamburger menu (). When you click this you'll see a few new options.
1. You can change the number of words. Up to 35.
2. You can add review and/or bonus words.
3. You can paste a list of words and click 'generate list' and it'll format it for Common Core Sheets.

I've made some huge overhauls to the worksheet page. The most noticable change is the display of worksheets. You'll see a bigger preview now without having to hover. But what is probably more useful is the 'problem type selector'. I've tagged every sheet on the site with tags regarding their problem type. From visual to word problems to numberlines. So now if you have a specific type of sheet in mind it should be MUCH easier to find. :)
worksheet page example

Worksheet Page Options
worksheet page example
On each of the worksheet pages you'll see an option to switch back to an older style view as well as an option to increase the preview size. Hopefully this will make the transition a bit easer.

Distance Learning Stats
I've added some stats to help break down how students performed on an assignment. So rather than having to calculate the scores or count problems missed, now it's done for you.

Create-a-review/test/flash card
I've completely rewritten and changed the interface. I've also combined all the options into one place now. Which kind of makes the different menu options redundant... but it is what it is. :)
Create-a-review/test/flash example

Much more
There's really way more things than can be brought up here. A ton of minor changes are litered throughout the site. But as always if you have any issues or suggestions please let me know. Thanks.

Free Unlimited Practice Problems one-atta-time Let students practice as much as needed with the one atta time option. Create Your Own Spelling Assignments spelling worksheet maker The spelling sheet maker let you create over a dozen different worksheets. Modified Sheets modified math worksheets Modified sheets are great for introducing a topic or making an easier sheet. Daily / Spiral Reviews spiral review maker Create a weekly refresher in seconds with the create-a-review. Thousands of Flash Cards flash card maker Just select Flash Cards on any worksheet to generate custom flash cards. Easy Scoring grading rubric Score papers quickly with CommonCoreSheets' easy score reader. Quick Grading grade quicker Grade assignments in seconds with CommonCoreSheets' answer column. Create Quizzes create a custom worksheet Create-a-Sheet lets you create professional looking worksheets with no hassle. Multiple Languages dual language learners Multiple languages to choose from! Favorite Sheets favorite worksheets Add sheets to your favorites list with the click of a button. Sheet Layout
landscape worksheets
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